If you have debt then you are certainly not alone. In fact, you are part of the vast majority. Unfortunately in America we’ve been lead to believe we are entitled to luxuries we can’t afford and we often try to live beyond our means. This guide is designed to give you 10 quick ideas to defeat debt and experience financial freedom.

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Many people have financial goals in their minds that they would like to accomplish. Most of these people have large goals that may seem daunting at times like annual financial goals. MONEY magazine did a study about long-term financial goals versus short-term financial goals. The results showed that most people easily hit their short-term financial goals and many times exceeded them. People failed to hit long-term goals because they felt like if they messed up then they would just work twice as hard the next month, which they didn’t.

To see the most success we are going to focus on these 10 tips this month. As our debt deteriorates we will recommit ourselves to the 10 tips every month for as long as we have debt on our books. Discipline yourself to follow these 10 steps every month. Rededicate yourself as many times as you need to till you debt is vanquished.

Commit yourself to the plan and dissolve your debt this month. Begin by signing your name to this declaration or one of your own choosing.

Dear _____________________,

I hereby affirm that I will be committed to being debt free and seeking a life of financial freedom.

I am done with late payments, acquiring more debt, and making excuses.

Just for today I will determine to act on appropriate financial principals. Then tomorrow, just for the day, I will make appropriate financial decisions. Then one day I will see the compounding results of a day lived to it’s fullest financial potential.